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Thread: 1st Cycle

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    1st Cycle

    I'm now in week 6 of a test cyp 400 ew and 300 deca ew cycle takin 20mg of nolv ed and have clomid for post. I am training real heavy and my diet is good (had a hard time eating alot in the beginning but got it on track now)I have seen some increased size and stenghth but it seems like it is just kicking in..does test and deca usually take this long to kick in? thought maybe my poor diet in the first 2 weeks may have slowed it down...anyway thanks

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    yea bro, sounds just about right, week five is usually when things start to kick in big time, after that, things go really smooth with gains, usually. Good luck with things and happy growin, looks like you have things planned out well, so i think ur gonna be happy with it.

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    Because you see yourself differently than others and because true muscle growth takes time you won't really see how big you are getting until the 8th week or so. Go ahead and go 12 weeks.

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