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Thread: cycle AND GYNO

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    cycle AND GYNO

    has anyone with preexisting gyno done another cycle?

    really want to use test again but dont want bigger tities

    ive heard that if under 500mg a week with 20mg nolva and 1.25 mg of letro e3d is enough to keep gyno from getting any worse is this right?

    would anyone risk it?

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    affirmative... i had a bout with gyno, i won. it was from my first stack, all test cycle, with what u mentioned u'll be fine IMO. i'll run 500mgs a week without any problems. i think 1.25mg should be EOD tho. what i am hesitant about tho is trying deca , and tren aka progesterone gyno. the question is: is a person more susceptible to that gyno as well, i guess i'll be able to tell u that soon after my next stack.

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    id try and cure the gyno first mate

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