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Thread: Ketogenic Diets

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    Ketogenic Diets

    Sorry guys, I know this should probably be in the diet forum, but I trust your judgement here, so I appreciate the input..I am considering running a ketogenic diet after I get off my current cycle, of test enant 450 mg/week. I hear that it is basically high fat and high protein, and no carbs for 6 of the 7 days of the week. My buddy did it and said that he had really good results with it, and that it was a good way to cut up and shed any excess water weight...all thoughts are welcome. thanks

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    havnt heard much about it but do more research on the internet and if you do post that in the diet forum there may be a couple guys that can help u out..

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    not a good idea in my opinion. The most important organ needs carbs to function.. your brain..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluethunder
    not a good idea in my opinion. The most important organ needs carbs to function.. your brain..
    yeah good point.. it would be wise to atleast throw some bran rice, wheat bread or something that has some "clean carbs" in your diet somewhere. i eat most of my carbs in the morning and none after 3-5pm.. well i try atleast. the **** beer calls my name sometimes and i cant help but crawl to the fridge and have a couple.. peace

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    you need carbs for energy bro anything under 50grams of carbs your body wiil go into ketosis this is not a good idea if your using gear to gain size

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