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    The Dangers Of Injecting

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    hmm ok

    if you inject into an artery or a vein you wont die, it takes longer to get around the body i believe

    a few bubbles in the leg should be fine, if you have a read of the study in the educational section you will see it takes a lot of air bubbles to cause any harm

    when you aspirate depending on how far you pull back some may go in the syringe , or it may just go to the head of the needle (the plastric bit)

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    I believe it takes about 20ml of air to do any damage, such as cardiac arrest. Muscle already has a little air in it, so it's not really a foreign substance. I have friends that inject into their that **** scares me.

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    If you inject directly into an artery it can clog and lead to severe problems..

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    i injected a shot of 500mg/ml test and 500mg/ml EQ in a vein once. it started as a tingle in my throat. then it turned into a cough. after 2 minutes i coulndnt take in more then a 1/4 of a breath, if i tried to take in more i coughed like crazy. i thought i was going to die. i coughed hardcore for about 20 hours. missed work and had my girl there histerical crying begging to take me to the hospital.

    ASPIRATE . i do, now.

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