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    1st shot of QV Test E

    did my first shot today of QV's Test Enentat 250 at 1cc, went good. it went in slower than i thought it would, had to apply more pressure to the plunger than i thought i would have to. my ass felt sore after, so i stretched and massaged the hell out of it, feels fine now. hope it wont hurt tommorow for deadlifts. quick question. the QV bottle seems only filled up a little above 3/4 of the way or so. is that normal? both of the bottles are from the same batch and have the same amount of liquid in them, am i gonna get my 10 shots out of each of them still, if im only doing 1cc p/shot. thats what i planned on. anyway, i've got to go and squirt some nolva in a cup of gatorade so i wont gag. another quick question. ive been taking celebrex as an anitinflamitory for my knee. seems playing on turf has given me some arthritis! you think it will have any effects on my cycle? do you think i should stop the celebrex?
    wish me luck on my first cycle fellas.

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    It probably isn't underfilled, but more likely underdosed.

    The pain from QV only surfaced for me the day following injection, never that same day.

    make sure you are measuring your nolva with a syringe and not the dropper as well. easy to misjudge and use too much/little without truly knowing.

    i try not to take any nsaids or anti-inflams while on cycle, but you might experience some bad pain further along without them.

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    ya all the bottles i have are only filled that much but you will get your 10cc out of them. like daem said, most likely its just underdosed... qv test E doesnt give me any pain but once in a while, everyone is different..

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    my bottle was the same way bro, you'll get all of your shots. GOOD LUCK w/ your cycle

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    Yea its 10ccs but more like a 13-14 cc bottle.. You'll be fine bro Happy growing!

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