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    What do u think about this cycle

    I haven't decided on what to do yet just thought I'd post an idea

    EQ-weeks 1-8 at 400 mgs a week taken in two doses
    Halotestin -weeks 1-4 15 mgs a day
    Anavar - weeks 4-8 at 40 mgs a day

    I'm sure I'll get plenty of recomendations for a deca test d-bol stack. But I was hoping to get your thoughts on this cycle. Add ins, dossages, whatever.

    Thanks guys

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    You should get pretty strong off the stack but I would increase the Haltestin to 30 mg a day for better results.

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    Oct 2001
    Well I think 30 might be a little strong for my first time on Halo. Do you think 20 would be good. A little concerned about massive rage. I am really looking for strength here.

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    Mr. Fina is offline Associate Member
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    halo at 20 is fine for a first timer

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    Question My First ever stack

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me so input on my stack I ya know like dosage and frequency all that good stuff.

    1 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    2 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    3 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    4 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    5 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    6 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    7 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol
    8 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,120andriol

    Also take into consideration that I am in track right now so I don't want to elarge my heart but I am also thinking of this stack also

    1 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,halotestin 20
    2 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,halotestin 20
    3 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,halotestin 20
    4 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg,halotestin 20
    5 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg
    6 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg
    7 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg
    8 week/eq100mg, per day-anavar25mg

    Please tell me which one is better thanks alot!

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    Oct 2001

    Just curious

    has anyone ever run anything like i was thinking, if so, what kinds of size, strength gains should I expect? Thanx

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