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    need help on gettin big!

    hi there,

    im new to this forum and i have a question i need answerin plz! im 26,male, tryin to get big! i had never taken steriods til a yrs ago and to be honest im jus not growin i took recently sustenone 250 but that caused me to urinate blood and temporarily give up steriods i jus finished my creatin and didnt notice much improvement..i was hopin is there anyone here who can tell many how many dyas a week shud i train, what shud i eat and what steriod or supplement can i take in which to notice results?? by the way ive been trainin about 2 1/2 yrs and i weigth 13st 8ilbs and one other there a way to burn fat and yet get big at the same time?? i have a bit of a belly which i wud like to see become rock solid with abs! can anyone help me!

    god willin someone can!

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    flying overhead in my fina-jet...
    You weigh how much???

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    Re: need help on gettin big!

    Originally posted by kaleem26

    god willin someone can!

    Bro I don't even think god himself can help you on this one.

    I do hope you are fu@king around!

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    Dude, have patience...This is your first post!!???Stick around and do some research...I don't think you know what you are asking...But I know you are asking to be flamed...But welcome...These guy here are all BROS...We'll try to stear you the right way...

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    pissed blood on sus, where the hell did you inject, in your bladder,lol j/k

    Seriously, for your own sake do more research untill you feel you are ready and you have already started by asking this question, so good job bro


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