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    Few questions about clen

    I have read the clen handbook but I noticed a few things were missing from it, or perhaps I just overlooked them im not sure. I am going to start a cycle of clen using the 2 on/2 off method for it and run it about 8 weeks. My question is this....
    I know there are sides with clen such as the shakes, but is there anything I should look out for that could be a major problem arising from clen and stop its use? I was thinking about using T3 along with it, but as I have never used clen before I figured that I would try that first, see how it goes, see what sides (if any) pop up and then in the future run a t3/clen stack if I need to.

    So if anyone can tell me some of the possible sides clen has and the ones that are REALLY bad to look out for I and other people I'm sure would appreciate it. Thanks Bros.

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    muscle cramps
    increased heart rate
    shortness of breath

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