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    Question Testosteron depot, is it real?

    i received package today of some test,just wanted to hear from the experts. the label says Testosteron depot Galenika a.d 250mg in 1ml. blue writing on a clear vile,with numbers on it:3039 1003 also has a (G) circled and outlined in blue ordered from europe and the it was packaged in italy then repackaged in europe.doesn't have any manufacturers name on it.sorry i have no way of posting a pick as of yet.thanks in advance to all on AR
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    this info you may want to hold back until you've established some kind of rep. You've got one post...

    Post a picture, if you cannot ask a moderator. Otherwise we have no F'n clue bro.

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    i've posted about 20 other post under a different name Jamie Bill Moore but it sucked so changed it iwas told to by some of the mods.other questons was on d-bol only cycle got corrected and advised to do test with it so i got some just want to know what i/m about to put in my body.i looked in the legit steroid pictures forum and found a few pics of the same stuff but noticed that the guy who posted it his name is not in the members list no more just want to know if it's good or not.

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