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    Proper advise on Test & Anabol pse??!?!?

    Hey guys. I just started a cycle with Test Cyp. I just finished week 2 and the results are already remarkable(It's my first cycle). The plan was to do 4 weeks just on Test (400mg/wk) and then introduce Anabol for the remainder of the cycle. I never bought the Anabol before the cycle and now I have second thought coz someone told me Anabol is not as effective as it's made out to be!!!!! Is it a good combination (test cyp & Anabol)???? What would the correct / best doses be for the Anabol???? One last question.. I take 1.25% of my weight in Proteins daily. What is the correct Carbs? Sorry for the rookie questions but I get mixed answers over here + we can't even mention gear in front of the dicks at my gym......Thanks. J

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    what exactly do u mean by anabol? pink dianabol or androls? anyway... if one of them is what u mean, there is no sense to add them from wk 4 as their typical use is to "cover" the first 4 wks of a test enant or cyp cycle to kickstart it!
    imo, just continue with test and ull be happy!
    regardin the protein intake, u should eat at least 1.5-2g for each lb!
    do some search in the diet forum...

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    Yeah, too late now to add the dbol . Use it the first 4 weeks of a cycle to kick start it. You could front end load your cycle, 50mg ed depending on when you end your cycle. Start the prop the week of your last cyp shot and continue with the prop for 2-3 weeks then go into your PCT. Oh and carbs I like to have at 2.5-3x body weight depending on your protein and fat intake.

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