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    shipping-->CANCUN to TORONTO

    hey... i was wondering if anyone has shipped from mexico into another country ? i have some friends going there and want to set up a mail box to get some enan deca and halo

    im not sure how tight they would be for packages comming from if anyone has done it before or has any info... pls let me know

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    there has been many threads like this one and most guys say that customs would be more likely to take a package or search one coming from mexico....

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    Are you driving or flying? If flying I'd mail em to a PO Box in Toronto. Nice place, by the way!! I went to Rosarito Beach which is about 25 miles south of TJ and brought back 4, 10ml vials and about 120 or clen tabs. I was with my family though, and customs seems to be more apt to search a car with a bunch of young cats then a car with a family in it. Be careful above all else, and good luck!

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