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Thread: Nosebleeds?

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    Hey guys,

    quick question. I rarely have nosebleeds. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time my nose bled. However, today at the gym, as I was doing the last of a set of weighted dips, I felt my nose began to run. So, naturally, I grabbed my sweat rag and wiped it off. Lo and behold a big fat, bright, red blood stain on my white rag, and another on the floor in front of me. I could also taste it in my throat. Needless to say, I still finished working out, and I didn't die but I am somewhat concerned.

    here are my stats.

    2nd week of deca 300 and test 400 at 1 cc each a week. taking nolova at 10 mg per day, vitamin b6 at 200 mg per day, and centrum multi-vitamin.

    diet is OK. a lot of protein intake with a balanced complex carb diet.

    sleep kinda sux. i work a midnight / graveyard shift, 12 hours a night, 5 times a week. i work out straight off work.

    could it be a bad reaction to the juice or the other stuff i'm taking. too much stress? not enought rest? am i dying?


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    Nose bleeds can occur for high blood pressure......which is usually the culprit on AAS. You were probably just working hard, and it was too much for the blood vessels in your nose.

    My advice: Fish oil. It did wonders for me while I was on.

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    And lay off the cocaine! That stuff is wicked!

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    as the man satýs its probebly from th ehigh blod pressure + hard work.. I had the same problem before, use to happen quit often. But try to get more sleep and as he says fish oil- it worked for me to!!

    And you are not going to die... I think

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    That happened all the time to me while i was on tren /prop. I dont know how bad yours was but mine could last up to an hour. Bring some vasoline and line the inside of your nostril if it happens again, stops it pretty quickly for me.

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