as i mentioned b4 i had my manditory medical examination today. everything was okay(blood pressure a little high 160/80), pretty happy with that until he said that he wants to do a blood lipid(cholesterol/triglicerites) test, Oh shit. Does anyone have an honest opinion of just how bad steroids can effect these readings??? I know it is a possible side effect but if this damn test shows it to be sky high then i'm screwed. It would seem odd for an otherwise healthy 27 year old male to have outrageous cholesterol levels. What's you opinion guys?? Am i screwed?? What sort of cover story can i throw at the doc if he starts asking do i know why thing are this way? I definitely dont want him to know im jucing as this would at least cost me my job. Ive been on my course for 6 weeks, low doses to start then up to 900mg as of last week of test(prop/enanth) and Eq. I stopped everything 5 days ago due to this medical Any advice??????