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    New 2nd cycle idea

    Ok, i have still been trying to decide on a second cycle. My main worries for the next one was the bloating but the more i think about it the more i actually remember loving the bloat. My plans are to put about 20lbs on and then harden up a little bit towards the end.

    wks 1-10 400mgs/enanthate
    wks 1-13 400mgs/eq
    wks 11-16 100mgs/prop/eod
    wks 11-16 winny

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    well planned out cycle,

    whats the dose of the winny>

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    Shouldn't test be run longer then the Winny to aid in PCT recovery?

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    u can stop prop and winny same wk (pct 3 days after last prop shot or 24 hrs after last winny)
    u could do also:
    wks 1-14 400mgs/enanthate
    wks 1-13 400mgs/eq
    wks 15-16 100mgs/prop/eod
    wks 11-16 winny
    ... so ull have to shoot less!!!
    or, if u are ready for ed/eod inj, just go with prop, eq and winny!
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