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    No More Sust250 Pain

    Ive done my research on the forum, but came up short on a sure fire way to inject sust and come out pain free.

    There was poll a while back, and the results said about 70% of us exerpience pain, every single time we use Sust.

    I think it would be of great benefit for us 70% to know how the other 30% of you inject the stuff and come out pain free.

    What exactly are you doing?

    Needle Gauge? How long are you taking to inject a full 250mg? Glut, thigh, shoulder? Mixing with Deca ? If so, how much? Does temp of the sust matter, or room temp good enough?

    Throw in any thing else that you think might help. If the simple fact is that there is 'sure fire' way to eliminate sust pain, throw that down too cuz I'm tired of this crap being a crippling experience I inject it and I'm sure others aggree with me.


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    Im doing sust now and i have no pain at all!

    pin = 23 (pretty small)

    i always warm the sust lightly in warm water for about 5 mins before i inject. i test the temp of the sust by gently swilling the amp about, if the liquid moves a little more like water than oil then its ready.

    i ALWAYS inject in my thigh, simply because i cant reach my butt any more to inject ( ) and i cant always have someone there to do it for me.

    i push the pin in slowly but evenly, no stop start here, im not tattooing myself!

    when its time to actually inject i do it slowly, almost no force other than the weight of my thumb. it will take me perhaps 30+ seconds to actually inject the juice.

    once i have removed the pin from my leg i always use an alcohol swab directly on the injection site (yes! this does sting sometimes) and i massage the site for a short while.

    thats it! the first injection of a cycle in each leg often causes some ache a while after the injection, but after that its fine.

    i do all of this sitting propped upright on the floor with my leg out in front of me and COMPLETELY RELAXED!! i think that the relaxation of the injection site is really important here!

    hope that helps someone!

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    bro thats a bunch of questions.
    1. mix 250mg sus with 200mg deca /eq
    2. use a 23g needle
    3. your best to inject in the glutes, however I prefer delts, but thats just me.
    4. you can hold your syringe under warm water and it will inject easier.
    5. no way to totally eliminate the pain, its a shot!!!

    what kind of sus and deca do you have?

    later!! maybe this helps

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