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    Sus/Eq Cycle

    whats up guys...

    i have been doing a lot of research and reading over the past year or so and have finally found the cycle that i feel will best benefit me...i am 21yrs old. 5'10 1/2'', 192lbs and have been workin out for 2 1/2+ yrs...the cycle is the one papapump did a while ago...i like it because use EQ (increase appetite) over deca it is:

    Week 1: Frontload Sus250 @ 750mg
    Frontload EQ 200 @600mg

    Week 2: Sus @500mg and frontload EQ @600mg

    Weeks 3-7: Run Sus250 @500mg and EQ @400mg

    Weeks 1-7 Run .5-1mg ed. liquidex

    Clomid 3 weeks after last shot: 150mg x1day, 100mg x10days,
    50mg x10days
    Box Nolva on hand in case (do i need it or not??)

    Does this look aright for a good strength/ mass cycle??
    Thanks for any insight
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    Stretch it out to 8-10 weeks. They won't fully kick in until around the 4 week point, so 7 weeks might be a little short. YES, you need Nolvadex on hand. I think that you should take 300mg of Clomid on day 1. And yes, that will be great for strength and mass.

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