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Thread: New Cycle Idea

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    New Cycle Idea

    Ok guys this is what I plan to run, I am intersted in what you all think of it, plus I would like to know, when I should start my PCT (how many weeks after my last shot?) Also if I should run HCG , and Clomid during the cylce (if so how much etc) Any info will be appricated.

    (I might add d-bol in here also not sure yet)


    (About an 8 week cycle)

    August 16th (Monay).... Day 1 (200 mg Cyp)
    Day 6 (200 mg Cyp)
    Day 13 (250 mg Cyp)
    Day 20 (250 mg Cyp, 100mg Prop)
    Day 22 (100mg Prop)
    Day 24 (100mg Prop)
    Day 26 (250mg Cyp 100mg Prop)
    Day 28 (100mg Prop)
    Day 30 (100mg Prop)
    Day 32 (250 mg Cyp 100mg Prop)
    Day 34 (100mg Prop)
    Day 36 (100mg Prop)
    Day 39 (200 mg Cyp 100mg Prop)
    Day 46 (200 mg Cyp)
    Day 53 (200mg Cyp) (last shot oct 7th)

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    What are your stats? Advice might change depending on your stats. Sounds like you need more research bro.

    Anyways, I would run it like this:

    wk1-4 prop 75mg ed
    wk1-8 cyp 250mg e3.5d
    wk8-10 prop 75mg ed

    PCT starts 3 days after last prop shot.

    You generally dont need HCG in a cycle so short. An more reasonable alternative would be to run Tribulus 4g/day starting mid-cycle run til completion of PCT. Dont run clomid during cycle. Run Nolva 10mg ed throughout cycle. Some say to hold off on Nolva during cycle, so you dont hinder your gains and to see how your body reacts--Im gyno paranoid so I run it anyways. Thats from me. You need more research. And follow the above format next tme you post cycle. Also, post stats when your asking for cycle advice. Not a Flame--we are all learning. Good luck.

    You need to read Pheedno's PCT in the sticky section of PCT forum.

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    good reply beef...

    here's my .02 -

    i would just run the cyp alone for 10 weeks at 500 mgs a week to see how your body reacts to test. i'm not sure whether you have ever run a cycle before or not... but either way, i think adding prop to a simple test only cycle will only complicate things and ed shots are a b*tch. like beef said, hcg is unnecessary and tribulus is a great idea. 4 g ed throughout the cycle should be perfect with 6 g during pct. also, if this is your first cycle, i would hold the nolva in reserve and use it only if necessary. if you've run test before and feel that you are gyno prone or 'gyno paranoid' run it at 10 mg ed throughout the cycle and pct.

    good luck with everything bro.

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