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    QV Batches pretty far off....

    just curious of what people think.. qv updated their site today so i can now see what my dosages are per ml... i am taking qvs test250 and deca300... the first bottles that im currently using rates the test at 235mgs and the deca rates it 288.. which is both under.. ok the other bottles i have for the rest of my cycle are like 2 months newer and rate it..test- 250mgs and deca 327mgs.. i would say that its good that the deca is over but the in a few weeks im going to be going up almost 40mgs a week.. is this bad?? or nothing to worry bout..

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    WOW thats awesome about the QV site, I didnt know that. As far as that goes, basically I always do more in case it is underdosed. Like I runn tornell sus 250 20% higher than I want to actually do because of the underdosing. Just make sure that you adjust your dosages based on it being underdosed, if it is. JMO

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    what do u guys think about QV's dbols...the little blue oval suckers...good stuff??? about compared to the pink thai dbols??

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