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    Angry stats for 1st timer

    right now i am 22yrs old i am 5'6 and weigh 147lbs right now i am going to do my first cycle soon hopefully but need more info on d-bol and what to mix with i weighed 185 when i got released from the pen i wuz benchin 245 and what ever but i wuz taking just
    d-bol from inside from someguy which i think wuz sh1t but now i lost everything and quiet working out for a long time cuz i had kids and stuff but now i am back at her and want to start a REAL cycle
    i have d-bol and want deca but fuck do i hate needles boys but got to do what ya got to do well there are my stats and thanx to you guys who helped on my last ques. later

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    oh ya and i am from Canada and Edmonton to be exact and you americans have it real easy to get a good contact or to get real sh1t all you have to do is go around the corner here is much different and has anyone heard of SDI labs and how good they are coming across the border.later

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    Orals alone won't do the trick, and they're toxic to the liver.
    You have to stack something w/ the de-bol.
    Try Sus, Deca , D-bol.
    Mix the Sus and Deca in the same shot.
    Weeks 1-8 Sus 500mgs a week
    Weeks 1-8 Deca 400mgs a week
    Weeks 1-4 D-bol 35-40mgs a day
    Followed by clomid (so you'll keep your gains.)
    Stick around awhile and read some more before you start...


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