I am new to steroids but I have been lifting weights for 3-4 years (on –off ) and it is very hard for me to gain any quality muscle so I think I have reached my natural limit 29 ye 173cm 74 kg 25-17% fat. I don’t eat fatty foods but I am starting to develop a bit of a gut. Which kind of worries me.
After research I thought (and correct me if I am wrong) Primobolan -Winstrol (tabs I don’t think I want to start on Depot just yet) would be safe combination. I am after quality muscle gain and fat reduction with min side effect ( ****… I sure want it all)
I guess my questions are:
IS this a good way to start on steroids?
What gain can I expect ?
Dosage ?
For all Aussies how much ?

Thanx a lot