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    labido needs help

    last week i changed my cycle after getting advise from the guys in here from:
    500mg test susp,
    250mg deca per week and
    50mg dianabol per day


    500mg enanthate , and
    400mg dega per week.

    at that stage i was using the d bol for 8 weeks already which i now understand was a huge mistake. i just read a tread though where ppl said it takes 4 - 5 weeks for enanthate to kick in, and as u guys know the test susp is worked out pretty fast...

    this is not my problem though, and the advice that i got in here was so good that i would really appreciate your opinion on this: since i stopped the suspention and d bol, my sex drive has been almost non existant, not only is my pecker lazy but my mind is not into sex at all, when i do have sex it is so forced that i even feel kinda F***ing rapped afterwords... this has been for almost 2 weeks now, what should i do?

    have not had any tests done. If i should then what?

    this is real important.


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    any one?

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    cialis, proviron ....

    tribulus... 4grams per day.. the trib really helps but everyone is different..
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    Well the sus is not active in your system any longer and yes test e will take 4-6 weeks to kick in. The low sex drive is from the low or non existant natural test porduction IMO. In a couple of weeks you should be fine.

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