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    Is it harder to lose fat while on TEST?

    simple question, im on sustanon at 500 mg's per week and im wondering if that is actaully hindering my slimming down efforst of losing fat? Im not talking about water retention cause i know that will be there, im talkinga bout actual fat oxidation, is the process slowed down?

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    No, while using test or most AAS you will be putting on more muscle...... more muscle = faster metabolism...... but this also if your diet is geard to cut...... if it's to bulk then you may gain a bit more fat.

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    Yeah it depends on your diet, a test only cycle can be cut or bulk! But speaking from experience, when on test alone, you are losing fatbecause of the whole "more muscle faster metab" thing, but you're holding some water so you wont notice the entire amount of fat you've lost till you're done with the cycle!
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