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Thread: t-3 again?

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    t-3 again?

    I am planning a massive cytomel cycle. I needed some answer before I kill myself. what is the longest duration I can do at 200mcg? is6 weeks of 200mcg risky? experience: going into 4th cycle of t-3 and 3 cyles of roids. anyways.

    cycle test prop100mg ed and maybe winny
    t-3200mcg for 8weeks.

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    hmm it depends how you feel on that amt for one thing, a high dose for one may not be too bad for another person

    most run 20days on

    6 weeks at 200mcg? id say that's too long, but im no expert

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    Search for Mallet's 7/5 T3 cycle, you can run that as long as you need safely.

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