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    tips and advice for my cycle

    I want to run a cycle over 1 month, this is my plan.
    please some advice:

    Week 1- 17 EQ 400mg / week
    Week 1 – 12 Test ent. 500mg / week
    Week 13 – 18 Propionaat 100mg / eod
    Week 15 – 20 Tren acetate 100mg /eod
    Week 15 – 20 Winstrol 50mg / eod
    Week 1 – ? T3 no idee???
    Week 1 -18 Jintropin 4IE / ED
    week 20 - clomid 10 days 100mg / 10 days 50mg
    week 20 - ? clenbuterol
    Also week 8 - 18 HCG 500ie every 4 days

    The use of GH is new for me.

    How long can you store a vial of 10IE Jintropin when mixed in the solution?

    Thanks for the help?
    Last edited by Dutchman; 07-17-2004 at 10:16 AM. Reason: T3 > changed from 18 weeks to ?

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    I would run the fina at the beggining as opposed to the end, it can be hard on recovery. Also, run it 50mg ED instead of EOD. Run the prop till week 20, its ester is short so it and the winny with both clear the system quickly (3 days after last prop shot). I would also visit the PCT forum, clomid alone is okay but there are far more effective methods besides clomid alone.

    I wish I could afford a cycle like this........Good luck with it

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    free crack giveaway
    Too much for my blood

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    thats alot gear bro how many cycles have u done whats ur experience
    u need nolva and l-dex and b-6 and u need longer pct for this cycle
    t-3 for 18 weeks wow!

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    run the prop to week 20 at 150mg EOD not 100mg EOD, this will keep your test levels consistent throughout your cycle. I would also run the tren around weeks 10-18 at 50-75mg ED. Winny needs to be 50mg ED, not 50mg EOD. and the clen can be run 2 weeks on 2 off etc...

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