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    Using Test more or less than other AS & AAS???

    Prompted by an intuitive question by reciever84 and especially with the recent “buzz” of a Male hormonal contraceptive (a combination of testosterone and progesterone), why do we need to take testosterone doses much higher than other roids like EQ and DECA .

    The male contraceptive uses progesterone to inhibit the gonad regulating cycle, including the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis, which regulates the amount of testosterone produced in the organism (not new news to us). Progestin suppresses the gonadotrophins, that is the pituitary, to switch off the testes to switch off sperm production.

    So then, Progesterone from the male pill completely shuts down the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis (as nearly all AAS do), why then would the male contraceptive only supply a daily release of only 6-8mg testosterone.

    Well, in the case of the pill, 5-15mg is enough to keep the regular androgenic functions of the male (makes sense because 5-15mg is the amount the male body produces naturally). When coupled with progesterone, testosterone is introduced to the body to help with maintain the function secondary male sex characteristics also called the androgenic functions of testosterone--sexual behavior & libido. Obviously that is important in a birth control pill because not many guys would find value in shutting down their sperm production if they will have no desire to do the nasty as a result.

    The real question is this: In the case of traditional steroids , why wouldn’t low doses of testosterone in a cycle of other AAS be enough to keep the male libido normal (as with the Male contraceptive, which completely shuts off the pituiary axis). It is without question that testosterone is needed during a cycle to avoid depression and to sustain all the other positive attributes of Testosterone. However, keeping in mind the body only produces 5-15mg naturally, doesn’t a dose of more than 250mg week during stacking, or even 40-20mg a day, seem unnecessarily excessive if the user does not wish to run high amounts of Test?

    The only thing I can think of is that increasing the dose of EQ, DECA, and TREN …etc would result in an accumulative down-regulating effect of the regular androgenic functions of Testosterone. This could be possible considering one example that comes to mind: “progesterone competes with testosterone for the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and instead converts to dihydronortestosterone which is much less androgenic”. Nonetheless, I am not completely sold on the idea that we need such large doses of Test during our cycles. I am a fan of Test and will continue to run it at higher doses during cycles, but I am just looking for an answer to this question.

    P.S. I am just trying to learn and I’m sure there is a completely reasonable explanation for this, so that is why I raise the question?
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