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    30-40 weeks of test

    I was pondering using 700-800mg of test for an extesive period of time and was wondering if anyone with ............real life experience ..............has done this and what thier thoughts were , mostly for PCT and recovery..

    Prolly gonna use fina as well as deca in the mix at diffrent times
    PCT will proly be a mix of clomid , nolva , femera and HCG
    BTW this will be my10th mayby 11th cycle (lost count)

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    ive read about a lot of guys doing long test cycles and it's fine, but dont run the deca that long

    recovery shouldnt be a problem

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    i have stayed on test for at least that long and through other compounds in the mix at different times sort of like little cycles.I never had any problems other than water bloat and a lot of agression witch i think is good, from a training perspective.I have done it several times,but the first time was years ago and i had no knowledge of pct and when i came off it was really bad,depression,no energy, and just didn't feel good all the time.But i have done it again after that and with proper pct i don't have any problems.And i am currently doing it right now.

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    ive heard ppl running long cycles like that but hcg is a must imo.....

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    I was actually thinking of staying on for 12 mos. but cycling my test down to HRT levels evey 4ht month. Any other suggestions? thanks

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    don't use your HCG in PCT, sorry if i read it wrong, just appears that you meant to include it in PCT, hcg would def. help keep the guys kickin down there

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    i'd throw in 1500-2500iu of HCG every 7 weeks you are on to help you when you do finally reach PCT.

    that dosage seems to be best for me whenever i got 30+ weeks, however my test dosage is around 1g/wk on top of whatever other compounds i am running alongside it.

    your PCT shouldn't be any harder than a 12 wk cycle as long as you use the HCG properly.

    also, do NOT use femara as an AI here. your lipid profile will go to **** for a long time following the cycle if you were on it for even 15 weeks.

    use liquidex alongside some nolva for your anti and you should be good to go.
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