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    Apr 2004

    ephedrine hcl boost

    i need to run 1.5 miles today in like 12 minutes.
    So far I haven't done it. Can ephedrine hcl give me
    a little boost, and more energy, or will it make things worse?

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    sauceman is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2004
    yeah it might help you bro, ephedrine hcl is a natural bronchodilator, which means it expands and relaxes the bronchial tubes. ephedrine hcl is also used to treat asthma. give it a try.

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    ephedrine makes the heart beat faster, does it not? so whilst it is used for asthma, im not sure about for running as such, if your heart is beating at an increased rate to start off with, sureley youd find running harder than normal?

    just a thought

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