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    Recomendations needed

    I need some advice on putting together this cycle. Just gt back from Mexico w/ 8 sus redi j's and 5 Primoteston 250 amps. A box of nova and a box of clomid. I was intending to get primobolan but was pretty freaked out over the whole buy not to mention coming thru customs.

    Anyway I was thinking a novice cycle of 250 sus x 8 wks. and adding some primo towards end. Now don't know if I should add teston and bump to 250 test 250 sust or add test towards end.

    Stats: 37 yrs old. In and out of gym 20yrs. Heavy duty last 6 mo's
    Dropped all fat am 5'10" 173 33inch waist 44 chest.

    Any help on how to put this together would be appreciated.
    Should I go w/ what I got get more shit or what.

    Want to add about 15 to 20 pnds keep side effects to a minimum and hold down fat %. Thanx

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    I agree with JJ in that you need a little more stuff. If I were you I'd go back and get some Equipoise or Nandrolone .

    Eq @3-400 mg/wk, with the test that you have, would give you some nice hard results. Nandrolone @ 3-400 mg/wk would give you better mass gains.

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