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    description of anavar/winnie

    I have recently picked up 200 anavar and 200 winnie tabs. From a source i trust. Problem is he didn't know what the mg's they are. They are both blue in color. No markings at all. Very clean looking pills ( meaning no broken pieces ) The anavar is a thinner pill. blue in color.
    The winnie is a thicker pill, almost resembling a pellet. Blue in color.

    No markings on either and i have no idea what mg they are. Im trying to get a picture up so people can see but has anyone heard or seen of these???

    Tasted both today. Had no real taste to them at all. No chemical taste at all


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    The winny sounds like IP 50mg. We'll need some pics to tell for sure.

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    I'll need a sample and a couple of weeks. J/K the winny sounds like IP to me. Good stuff. Don't know about the anavar .


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