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    Eq Side Effects or What?

    I was on a Cycle of Eq's for two months and somewhere in between then and now (a month and 1/2 off) i have had dizzy spells, extremely hungry and feel unfocused during my daily routines

    Now that i have been off for a month 1/2 I wonder if this is still normal for me to feel this way. I also feel that my metabolism is on over-drive, very hungry all the time.

    Please let me know if any one has felt this before. I weigh 146 and am 5'4. Pl

    Eq's I was taking was from Mexico the 50'cc bottle and then switched to the 200mg a shot from QV.


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    I may be wayyy off here, but those signs of dizziness and confused feelings along with hunger stunts are signs of diabetes.
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    Hunger is a side of EQ

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