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Thread: Any Good Books?

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    Question Any Good Books?

    In my research quest, I've spent a year looking here and on a couple of other boards. I also bought Mick Hart's book (not recommended) and CME (some good info, although I was flammed hard when I posted a potential cycle that he proposed )

    Anyway - any good books out there people really like? Researching next cycle (#2), so far:

    Weeks 1-10: Prop 100/eod
    Weeks 1-5: Durabolin 75mg/eod
    Weeks 5-10: Var 30mg/ed
    Nolva, L-dex
    PC(Clomid/Clen )

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    save your money for the gear....

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    I don't like it. Its not the worst thing I've seen on these forums, but it certainly could be better.

    IMO a test only cycle is a good begginers cycle because A) its cheap B) its effective and C) it will let you know how you will respond to other steroids . If you are sensitive to gyno, it would be better to find that out on a test only cycle then running test with Deca .....

    If you want to run prop and shoot EOD you could run 150mg EOD, but even with EOD injections on prop you are still injecting a lot for a first cycle. IMO get some Test E and shoot it at 500mg a week.

    Drop the other compounds and just run test. You'll save a lot of money, and test will give better results than those other more expensive compounds anyway, for the most part at least.

    As far as good bookc are concerned, buy Legal Muscle.

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