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    sust/winny stack

    hey what do you guys think about this stack??
    week 1-8 sustanon on mondays
    week 6-16 winny on thursdays
    I would be taking one and a half cc's of sust per week, and a cc of oil based winny a week too. I recently got off a cycle of deca , which was my first. I liked what I got out of it, but want to go w/something more aggressive this time. For PCT I was planning on using HCG . Should I start using the HCG after the sust cycle is over? Also should I get some nolvadex or something in case of gyno? Please give me some insight, I'm still a rookie. THANKS

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    no u shouldnt get nolva u shoulndt get pct and u shouldnt even start a cycle yet. your cycle looks real dumb. after 8 weeks of test ur gonna drop it and hit winny for another 10 weeks? you need research buddy. u only have 8 posts. stick around do some search and learn.. train natrualy for now.

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