I live not far from the border of Nogales Mexico .While I was over there the other day I was offered a bottle of Upjohn Winny V from a dude at a phamacia. He wanted 150$ for the bottle and it looked legit as far as the labels etc. He also had a plethera of other euro and north american gear available. The prices naturally were a little bit more for the euro and north american stuff. Its pretty much basic procedure to be offered roids when walking in Nogales and other border cities but I have never seen a vet in Mexico with this much non mexican gear. He even claimed he could get me THG if I came back the next day.

I have a coupel of Q?S How legit is this stuff they sell from mexico that they claim to be american and euro roids?? When i used to juice it was all brovel test , norandren, sust from organon etc. Now i see this toyykio* and a few others. Is Toykkyo good and has anyone had good results/bad results with it. Thank you very much.