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    Question Thinking of stacking Var & Winny

    My wife's friend is a 25 yo female who is stacking Anavar and Winny. My wife is on the Anavar and is getting great results. Is it common amongst women to stack these? Are there good results? What are the down sides?

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    hmm well firstly both alone need to be used at low doses for a women as im sure you're aware

    im not sure on stacking the two, anavar has very few sides (even for women) but from what i read winny can lead to problems in the menstruation cycle

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    what are the dosages that she is using and care to comment a little more on the results? thanks

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    they are both 17aa type steroids which are the worst for your liver. I have read to keep the two separated. Although the var was designed to breakdown before it hits the liver..... i would also do more research on the liver damage combining them can do... what a great stack if its safe tho!!!

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