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    Lightbulb First Real Cycle

    1th cycle

    ok boys im doing my first real cycle, i need some advice for my cycle please, i already started this week but i would appreiate some feedback from out vets here.
    w1-4 test pro 100mg eod
    w1-12 500mg test cyp
    w1-10 eq400mg

    i have clomid and nolvdax, when and how much should i take
    a lot of people said just to do tes for first cycle i did test susp for the first cycle just one bottle of 2ml 100mg and stopped for a month in a half now just started this cycle, i would appreiate some feedback

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    Without your stats it is difficult to determine whether or not this cycle is for your. But since you have already began, I would suggest running the cycle like this:

    wk1-4 test pro 140mg eod
    wk1-12 500mg test cyp
    wk1-12 eq400mg
    wk13-15 Test Prop 140mg EOD --> 21 days total prop

    Pheedno's PCT 3days after last Prop shot: Pheedno's PCT

    Run nolva 10mg ED throughout cycle. If you are not gyno prone you can get away without it and use it at 80mg ED if gyno symptoms do appear, and run it 20mg ED after syptoms go away. I run nolva anyways because of gyno paranoia.

    EQ should be run a minimum of 12wks; however, I personally like the 14wk route.

    Ideally Prop should be shot ED, but you will get away with EOD.

    I suggested wk13-15 Prop 140mg EOD because at that point you will have a plasma levels of 500mg cyp, so you want to keep them stable and run 140mg EOD, which is roughly equal to 500mg per week. I like using Prop as a bridge,so I can make gains right up til PCT and wont risk losing gains during the 18days waiting for PCT. Start prop the same day as your next scheduled CYP shot in wk13.

    If you go with Cyp. Run PCT 18days after last shot and make sure you run cyp about a week past EQ so the esters clear around the same time for PCT.

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