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    why is it i should use 400mg of deca?

    im doing a cycle of testE/decanoate...

    i was doing 500mg test E.and 500mg deca ..but now i drop my dosage of 400mg..why should i drop it because i will get deca dick right?or is there a difference in results too?

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    Always keep test higher than deca .

    Is this your first cycle?

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    It is usually recommended to run Test higher than Deca to be 'sure' to avoid Deca Dick. As far as results go, running Deca at 400mg will not make you see any better results. In fact it may make you see *slightly* less results. I run my Deca only 50mg lower than Test and am rock hard all day. It just an over-exaggertion in to run 100mg more Test IMO. Nonetheless, it is always better to be on the safe side of the exaggeration.

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    i run it @ 750deca and 1g test-e no deca dick

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