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    working out on steriods

    well i am in my second week of cyp, just started eq and have been on 30mg d-bol for 2 and a half weeks,
    im up about 10 solid pounds.
    my question is how do you guys work out while on steriods . when i am not to sore i can work out for so long and hard, i usually do 2 body parts really hard each workout.
    my problem is yesterday i kicked ass on chest and decided to do back also , thus i figured i could work out my arms today, but today i was so drained i dont understand, first time since starting that i felt like this.
    i hope it is just because i worked out super hard yesterday, i also work construction and was out in the heat all day, but thats the same varable everyday anyways.
    what are some of your workout routines while juicing,
    ex (back,bi monday, chest tri tuesday,)
    thanks for any feedback.

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    One word - OVERTRAINING.... since you are drained from your work, I would recommend 1 bodypart/day. this way you will recover from your workouts better, and woorking two big bodyparts like Chest and Back are not the best strategy, as the first bodypart will totally drain you and the second bodypart gets half decent workout.

    Change your routine and see the results for yourself.

    Juicing does help you with overtraining, but dont get injured since you probably are lifting heavier than before.

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