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    Dbol Cycle - heart probs?

    Seriously considering beginning an 8 week dbol ONLY cycle next month and was hoping someone could help me with a problem.

    I weigh around 130lbs and was about 40mg ED for a week. Within the first week i put on close to a stone and was AMAZED with the quick transformation after feeling like id hit a brick wall for about the previous year.

    Anyway i was out at birthday party and was drinking all day. I missed my course for that day and by about 2am id passed out in the bathroom cause of all the drink. Was brought to the hospital and they kept me in for a few hrs due to an enlarged heart. First of all could this possibly have been caused by the dbol and could there have been any further implications if i hadnt been to hospital that night. Or is an enlarged heart just because my body was pumping so much blood around and is basically a normal thing while on AAS.

    better still is there a doc about lol

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    i hope this is a joke.

    1. Your on a DBOL Only cycle, your first mistake
    2. Drinking on DBOL, like the dbol isn't bad enough for your liver already, you ahve to drink
    3. I gaurentee you are not even over the age of 18, and if you are, train natural first.
    4. 8 weeks of dbol?


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