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    Do the British Army test for clen or ephedrine?

    i'm thinking of doing a clen /epa (2 wk on/off) stack, but am quite weary as i do not want to be drug tested and consequently sacked by the army for drug misuse. Anybody know if the British Army tests for or does not allow these two substances to be used?

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    the british armed forces do systematic and randomised checks on all personell for a broad spectrum of controlled substances, particularly recreational drugs and performance enhancing drugs such (and those include steroids and non-perscription substances and metabolites). these tests may include urine, blood and hair. a positive automatically results in a second more rigourous screening. if this proves positive then the MPs will subject you to a hefty bumming

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    i cant imagine clen /eca showing up in the tests, could be wrong though

    and there are a num,ber of people from the army who do use gear


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