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    juice and accutane

    any bros on accutane while on cycle right now, my doc wants me to start it. the every month blood tests are worrying me a little. i know they have to test for cholesterol levels and i think liver values too. im on the 7th week of test and deca right now, startin winny in a couple weeks which will probably up the liver values a little. what should i do? thanks bros

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    I bet your Doc doesn't know that you are on the juice. He probably wouldn't have recommended it. Accutane is very liver hepatoxic. I wouldnt take it unless i was done juicing for good. Dont put your body through all that stress than take AAS to counteract the Accutance treatment.

    Try Retin-A and or vitamin B5.

    SV posted link. It will give you an Idea how to take b5.

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