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    clen with susta help!

    hi to all brothers!!!hope everyone is fine!!!I need some help upon a thing that I cant decided properly..... here it is;
    I've used susta 500 mg/w for 6 weeks and want to take it at the same dosage one more week.So can I use clen at the last 2 weeks of the cycle?I mean 6. and 7. week of susta cycle thanks bros take care catch!!!!!!!

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    watch yourself clen , kept me from eating, i think i would have been better off to stay away from the clen till the cycle was over and then take it and try to cut up and get rid of all the excess water weight. plus it will give u a boost in the gym when you are feelin like shit cause you dont have that shit running through your blood. pretty much up to you, as long as you can still get enough protein on clen go for it.

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