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    for 5th cycle. is it too weak?

    24 yrs old, 5'8, 195 pounds, 11% fat. goal is to gain 10-15 pounds lean mass, no fat gains and possibly some fat loss.

    test prop> 75mg pd 1-12
    winny depot> 50mg eod 1-12

    i want to try a milder cycle, i still think this cycle is very strong. i seem to react very well to testosterone around 500mg.
    taking glucosamine, and will POSSIBLY add deca at 200mg every 10 days just for joint lubrication/support. so, what does everyone think? do i even need anti e's here ( i have nolva, clomid, proviron , arimidex )>

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    it is a low dose mild cycle and of course the diet will be what gets you that lean body mass....i'd up the winny to 50mg ed and roll with it...not everyone has to do high doses to see good results...good luck

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