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    low dosage year round

    just curious of what you guys think of a year round cycle at around 300mg TEST ENT. solo. i know many experienced users stay on year round. I have 2 cycles completed in the past. one test dbol , the other test. i started a fina/ prop/ eq cycle a couple months back but had to cancel it due to change in marriage date and honeymoon. I cut the cycle short cuz i did not want to finish the cycle shortly before my wedding and have acne on my back in time for the honeymoon.

    is it better to do 3 months on/3 months off at around 500mg?

    is the year round cycle too hard when recovery time comes?

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    i wouldnt reccomend a year round cycle for only your thrid one. and staying on year round is very hard to recover from although many guys do it. normal pct doesnt owrk

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    When you come to zero LH and limit atrophy of testicles, you can stay on for years - you can't get any deeper. Any supraphysiological dose of test only will do that in a year. You can slow down atrophy with HCG .

    If you are concerned for your health, just cycle.

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