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Thread: 2nd cycle

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    2nd cycle

    Any suggestions for a 2nd cycle? Im 6'3', 200lbs, 8% body fat. My goals are to put on another 15 lbs of bulk. My first cycle was deca /winny, and i loved the results.. I put on 20 lbs and retained 13 lbs. The reason why I havent done test is b/c im prone to MPB, but i am considering it b/c winny is known to be harsh on the hairline and it didnt effect mine at all. Another question, how long should i wait before starting the next cycle..i was told i should stay off for as long as i was on(last cycle)..thanks
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    Well,since you already ran deca your first cycle.I'll suggest a TEST E/TREN E cycle.They'll be ppl who will balk at the idea I suggest since it's your second cycle,but I could care less.You ran deca and are very aware of the shutdown,so I see no problem with it.You'll gain real nice size on that cycle.Some will suggest EQ.That's fine if you want to run it for 14 weeks to pick up a few measly pounds....IMO there are 3 mass drugs...DECA/TEST/TREN..throw in an oral like DBOL into the mix of a chosen mass cycle,and you'll be all set.

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