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    Test/Deca first cycle

    5'9, 185lbs, 23yrs, 12%bf, training for 4 years. This is my first cycle, planning on starting next week.

    1-10 TestE @ 400 EW
    1-9 Deca @ 300 EW
    Nolva @ 10mg ED
    L-Dex @ .25mg ED
    B-6 @ 200mg ED
    Clomid and Nolva PCT

    Looking to keep bloat down as much as possible and diet formatted for solid lean mass gains. Trying to avoid too much fat gain and water retention by keeping diet as clean as possible and still getting enough calories to grow. Diet will be around 3000 cals per day, from 5 meals. Injections on monday and thursday. 5 days a week weight train, 3 days a week cardio. Thinking about running Clen 2 on 2 off starting on the fourth week to keep fat gains low. Anyone have anything thing to add to this cycle or take away? Any advice or experiences with somthing similar? Thanks for any imput you can give me. Been putting this together for awhile and am looking forward to getting started. Wanted to drop in here and run it by some experienced guys first though. Thanks.

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    kick test/deca up to extra 100mgs a week and prolong to 12 week test 11 week deca other than that it straight.....

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    Canada Ehh...
    looks good. I am on the same right now.
    nothing left to do but grow.
    good luck bro

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    Do Test E Only At 600mg (300mg 2x A Wk) Along With Anti E's And Pct You Gain Alot Of Size Especially Since This Is Your First Cycle You Will Eccstatic With Results

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    Almost exactly what I am going with. Looks good I would say.

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    I say leave the dosages alone and maybe increase to test 12 and deca 11 weeks...

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    Well 1st of all I would like to say well done for waiting 4 yrs 2 hit da gear. A lot of people dont last long b4 they start using steroids lol. Umm, 400mgs of deca p/week is more then plenty IMO, so I disagree with whoever mentioned to up deca by 100mgs p/week. 300mgs deca p/week is good enough. Umm, I would also run test at no less then 500mgs p/week, so up your test by 100mgs p/week, but thats just my opinion. Happy jabbing

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