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Thread: which one?

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    which one?

    androstenedione, bambuterol, boldenone , clenbuterol , clostebol, danazol, dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, dehydrvepiandrosterone (DHEA), dihydrotestosterone, drostanolone, fenoterol, formoterol, fluvxymesterone, formeboloae, gestrinone, mesterolone, metandienone, metenolone, methandriol, methyltestosterone , mibolerone , nandrolone , norethandrolone, oxandrolone, oxymesterone, oxymetholone, reproterol, salbutamol, salmeterol, stanozolol , terbutaline, testosterone , trenbolone

    which one of these are better for weightlifters and have less side effects, not cost much, and is easily washable, and strength giving.

    and does these mask everything?? bromantan, epitestosterone, are masking agents masked????

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    ok, more than anyone that has ever posted in this forum before... you need to do research for yourself. you literally asked us to summarize years' worth of AS knowledge and condense it into a single short asnwer. there is no way to answer your question. they are all 'better' for weightlifters, some have more sides than others by comparison, some are more expensive than others, any androgen will yield strength gains, and short esters/orals tend to leave the system faster than longer estered oils.

    i couldnt tell you about masking agents because no one tests me unless i pay them to.

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