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    In regards to my earlier post,

    This will be my 1st real cycle, I've used Sust, Abombs and Dbol by themselves but I have never done a real cycle where I had a stack. This is what I was planning on;
    Week 1-9, 250 Mg Omnadren
    Week 1-16, 600 Mg Eq
    Week 10-16, 250 MG Cypiotest ( I believe Cyp and Enath mix)
    Week 1-12, 75Mg @ day Abombs

    I was going to have 300 10 Mg Dbol's as well, but I will replace it with what ever u guys think will fits best. I will have Proviron , Nolvadex and Clomid, I'm pretty sure where to plug these in, but I'm lost on where to use the Clen and Cyto. I'm 5'10" & 230, about 18% BF. Thanks in advance. - SnB
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    For a 1st cycle bro, that is WAY to much gear. JMO

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    drop the abombs ,i would increase you test ,thats prob to much eq for your first run maybe400mg i would not miss with cyto bro not dising you but you need to read and learn a lot more this cyle is very poor quailty

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