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    Military ASVAB???

    I have an opportunity to take an ASVAB for the marines. I want to be on recon, but I'm smart and they might put me on something I don't like, should I throw the test on purpose?

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    No, don't throw it on purpose, can't you decide for yourself what you want to do? I got a 97 on them (out of 100), and am just a motor transport operator, (only thing available in my area, I was a split op, did basic between my junior and senior year in HS). I am in the Army, but I think it works the same for marines...

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    Do not throw the test

    If you want to be recon then take the test. do as well as you can and then after they have the results tell them you want to be a grunt/0311. They will have no problem with this, but you have to put the work in after you get in. They don't just let anyone into Recon, and you will have to be better than everyone else. So good luck.
    Also, see if you can have some type of deal where you can request recon as a first assignment? I have no idea if this even exists, but it cannot hurt to try.
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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Shit, just miss every question on the test, they'll still let you be a grunt. J/K

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    In all respect to john1...I think this board is about AS not the asvab...this is like what the mods were talking about only it was about the women and the men flurtin

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