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    Question adding prop to my cycle

    my cycle so far:
    1-10 sustanon 250 - mon + thurs, havign good progress even thoguh its not shooting it eod
    1-4 dbol 40mg ed
    7-8 dbol 40mg ed just to finish off my dbol
    nolva ed

    i want to add prop to my cycle right now with the sust and for weeks 10-12 when should i shoot it and how many mg when:

    a) adding it now so im taking the sust-250 mondays and thursdays
    b) during weeks 10-12 just before PCT when im not taking sust anymore, just prop


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    I would stick with the same dose throughout the cycle. Just wait until week 10 to add the prop and go with the same dose as you are using with the sust right now (500mg/week). Also, there is no use in taking dbol at the end of your cycle. Just save it for your next cycle.

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    i agree, save the dbol ..........and shoot the prop at 75mg ed which comes to 525mg.

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