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Thread: Sten Questions

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    Sten Questions

    i was reading that i should take about 200 - 400 mg of sten a week, now if i am 5 8 and 150 pounds do u think i should lean more towards the 200 mark rather than the 400 ? I know that each amp of Sten i have is 2 ml which has 120 mg in it, so i was thinkin to go take one amp monday and one amp Friday for a totaly of 140 mg a week ? Does this sound about correct or should i up the dosage ? I never took this kind of Test. "sten" b4 and any info would be great.

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    are u takeing it by it self?i suggest u stack with something .cause sten isnt the greatest thing out kidding me?200 mg of sten ?bro start of at two and then u go up to three amps a amp is 120 mg.two aweek is 240.three a week is 360 and so on.i realy think u should do a little reading before u start up bro.

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